It is my pleasure & indeed a privilege to welcome you to the world of IYEMC PVT.LTD!! The golden era of Centre/Home Service Provide All Electronic/Electrical Products Of Any Company had started. It was then that I made up my mind to enter this Company and become the eyewitness to its growth. In 2008 I led my foundation of “IYEMC”…which means “{ INDIAN YOUTH ELECTRONIC MECHANIC CENTER }”. I thought let everything be as pure as { INDIAN YOUTH ELECTRONIC MECHANIC CENTER } in my business world. The journey started…and step by step company has shown a sharp growth amidst stiff competition and tough business environment. Now, IYEMC Pvt.ltd has completed its decade of operations and I can proudly say that our team has exceeded my expectations & has created a sort of history in the Products / Service / Education and IT in India and in the global markets. Today, IYEMC has been pioneer in the world of IYEMC PVT.LTD Chain Solutions wherein we deliver world class Modular Cold Room, Glycol Deep Freezer, Freezer on Wheels, Water Cooler, Hot & Cool, Fan, LED Bulbs , ICE Marker ,A.C, Retail Outlets etc & Banking CSP,Voter/Aadhar/Pan Card Provide to Portal ,Telecom Sector job,Provide to College Projects, Home Education Or Govt.Projects Provide This segment has been able to create a big brand image of IYEMC Pvt.ltd in the process of diversification.
Our diversification is powered by a strategy, hard work and technical adaptation which has facilitated IYEMC Group rapidly striding to achieve a new pinnacle of growth. My focus has always been to implement new technology & innovation in my product lines. Our corporate culture is characterized by its ability to adapt quickly to our client´s needs and requirements. This is done by bringing a sharper focus to the requirements of the client and striving to leverage cutting-edge technology to provide the highest levels of service through cost-efficient methods. My continuous thought process is to sustain and build on the remarkable success that we have enjoyed since inception. I would strive to build strong relationship with all our customers, vendor partners and team members for their continuous patronage in IYEMC PVT.LTD´s growth.
  • IYEMC Pvt.ltd { INDIAN YOUTH ELECTRONIC MECHANIC CENTER } is a major concept in modern Manufacturing Product ,Learning Electronic home education & College Projects education, Service of All Electronic Products ,Provide to Banking ,E-Govt Projects ,telecom sector projects ,Financial Service and Software Developing practically everything that a Product , Education , Service ,Banking ,E-Govt,telecom sector,Financial and Software developing company can use to influence consumer perception favorably towards its product , education,Service ,Banking ,E-Govt,telecom sector,Financial and Software so that consumer and organizational objectives are attained, i.e. IYEMC Pvt.ltd  is a model of crafting and implementing Manufacturing, Learning , Maintenance ,Software developing ,Provide to Projects of Banking,E-Govt,telecom sector,Financial  strategy.
  • In this assignment, I will discuss the major IYEMC Pvt.ltd variables as classified Managing Committee:
  • Throughout the assignment We shall prefer to use our reference to Electronic Product Manufacturing & Software developing , Educational & Service Institute/Company ,Provide to Banking,Others CSP & Portal , Provide to Job of Telecom Sector & Financial Services and Govt projects . I will refer to this Institute/Company  how it has diversify its market products , Education & Service ,CSP ,Portal ,Others the price range, places for distribution and the promotional strategies they have used to promote their products , Educations , Service, Banking , E-Govt, telecom sector, Financial and Software.